Please could someone help me find an early OG 'swedish style' roofrack for my '51? I particularly want the swedish style type rack rather than the normal bekowa type.

I am sure someone has got one lurking around in a garage somewhere that they would be willing to part with??

Many thanks to anyone who can help.


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Hi Ian,
Could you please describe the Swedish roofrack ?
Is it the one with the wooden crossbars ?
I have such a roofrack with wooden crossbars, but I also have a typical Swedish rack that can be fitted at the rearbumper.
cheers, Jan
Looks like this one. The rack fits to the roof and curves in at the sides, I have found a repro one on KK website, but I was hoping to find an orignal slightly ratty one 🙂
ianmac attached the following image(s):