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Wierd buffer type question, concerning these two year only steering wheels, but does anyone know what colour/s the horn `button' part should be, and did it depend on the colour of the car?

I have an older type with the metal button that is fixed with two screws and it is black. All the later plastic button types appear to be grey.

The question is, were the metal buttons ever painted anything other than black? Were they ever grey on a red car for example?

In fact, what can anyone tell me about these wheels?

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Hi, yes the August 1957 - August 1958 Ghia has the metal cover. All I have seen them in is a medium grey. It has a metal / enamel Wolfsburg crest. The August 1958 - August 1959 Ghia has the plastic cover, similar color grey with a plastic Wolfsburg crest. I am pretty sure even the chrome horn rings differ between the 2 years to reflect the different way the button is mounted on it (as you describe yourself). The steering wheel is identical.
See here 
the metal horn pushes can be identified by the 2 small screw holes on the lower edge
only ever grey imo
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