I think you could pretty much buy this blind on the basis of its current owners 😃 I doubt they would have bought it if it was a shed! 
"it'll wreck the patina you haven't worked so hard to create" - 50Karmann

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Agreed. 😎

I'm trying to think if I remember the car actually....I probably have pics of it somewhere.
you will not have pics of it - it was and still standing at our other storage and is waiting for restauration.
I made a deal with that 1948 ( black running ) that was für sale. That car come from my area and so it had to get back here.
Our 1948 has to be complett restaured - but it is a honst car
Bye Christian
Was that the 48 from Peter in Belgium?
Wat is het fijn om lesbisch te zijn!
No, it wasn't this car. The car Christian has for sale is a rere 1948 Exportet. It was one of the first cars delivered to suisse, built beofre Peter's old car. The car was found by us in south bavaria where it was stocked for many years. It is a very solid and nice project.
Peter Pfoertner's black 1948 was once in the hands of a dodgy car dealer called Altstetter in the South of Germany. I nearly bought that car in 2000 for 24000DM but I missed it by a few days. I got a 1951 Standard from him instead. Unfortunately, Altstetter had taken original parts of my 1951 before selling it, including the original engine which he claimed was missing. He put a 1953 engine inside instead but the original 1951 engine was spotted on his garage floor by a German friend of mine a few weeks later!
I hope the 1948 didn't suffer the same pillage...
Strange that Altstetter completely disappeared from the VW scene soon after... :wink:
Peter's car was delivered to the "Graf of Schulenburg" of Hehlen, a small village close to Hamelin with a nice castle of the Schulenburg family. In 1950, the car was sold to Hamelin. In the mid 1970s, the car was bouht by "Bischoff & Hamel", the biggest Volkswagendealer of Hannover. They resaured the car round about 1976. Interesting detail: For this restauration, they bought a secound beetle, built in 1947. This car belongs to my oncle Hans before and he gave this car to his mum who lived in Dresden, GDR at that time. In 1969, she moved to western Germany with this beetle and the car was stocked in a garage. In 1975 he sold this car to Bischoff & Hamel for 50 DM (25 Euro!), but they just used it for spare parts.

Up to 1977 until Bischoff & Hamel closed their shop in 1992, the car was standing in the showroom. They sold the car to an VW-collector in the Harz mountains for only 3500 DM in 1992 and this collector sold the car to Stefan. At this time, the car was very clean, solid - but of couse with its Heart-Taillights, smooth semaphores, Fenders and grooved bumpes not maching number. When Stefan picked up the car, I helped him so I know what was with the car and what was not. Stefan sold the car as it is a few years later to Peter, he just kept the installed Telefunken Radio. Stefan is not interested in vintage Volkswagen after he bought an old Riley Sporting car.

Peter had the car vor many years, he brought it back on the road and vistited many shows with it . He organized the wrong stuff and installed it at the car - or kept it in his stock.

I am sorry, that Peter wants to sell it - but I am happy that he had the luck for his new toy.

I am also happy, that Christian will get Peters 1948, because it was delivered to the Hessich Oldendorf area 60 years ago - and because its a little part of the history of my own family.

The project car Christian has for sale was built at the 22th of april 1948 and delivered at the 21th of may 1948 to the NEUE AMAG of Zürich. It was one of the first 25 cars of the first dilivery to suiss. The Chassic-Number is 1 - 076 xxx.
No I meaned another Peter, Peter Vanoverschelde from Belgium.
He had one of the first imported (1948) splitwindows in Switzerland.
Now the car is in Germany but don't know where.....
Wat is het fijn om lesbisch te zijn!
I know that you maened Peter V. from Belgium. His 1948 was sold to my friend Axel Struwe who is just finishing his 1950 convertible. This 1948 car was digged out by Hermann Walter of Kaunitz in an old suisse junkyard. Herman often told the story, that his car was digged out by an Helicopter and that it was the first car delivered to Suisse. The car has a chassis-numboer of 1-077 xxx.
Ah, ok.
See you in Hannover...
Regards, Pascal.
Wat is het fijn om lesbisch te zijn!
Cograts on the purchase Christian....sounds great, being from your area. 😃

Bjoern/Christian do you know much history of the NEUE AMAG of Zürich? The car I am looking at buying was also 1st delivered there in '51.
No, I will hope, that we will met us in Wolfsburg before...


The company named "Neue Amag" of Zurich is the first official Volkswagendealer of Suisse.

On their website you can find this text about their history:

"Motorisierer of the people Motorisierer of the people.

The basic data of their firm history are milestones, which the AMAG during the process of motorizing Switzerland set. During a process, that at the beginning 20. Century as it were technically, in its second half however with outrageous effect economics and society began affected, above all however the individual with liberties confronted, which were hardly dreamed before. The car became affordable, and with it the close connection of residence and job loosened, widened the practical life horizon of millions. The status symbol from yesterday became people property. At the beginning of this development Haefner created the AMAG automobile and engines AG on 3 January 1945 walter. And with the signing of the import contract between the AMAG and Volkswagen on 29 April 1948 the AMAG became their tip of the spear: Volkswagen symbolized like no other car the entrance of all social layers into the mobile society. the AMAG signs 1951 as the third foreign partner an import contract with Porsche. AMAG became the Volksmotorisierer with the know-how of the racing car manufacturing. Because in the meantime legendary Porsche 356 and 911 caused and cause not only with the Bewunderern at the roadside, but also in racing sensation. 1957 open AMAG into book with Zurich the central sentence part camp, which is constantly removed and modernized in the consequence. It leads today 150,000 articles and delivers daily 11000 positions. With the opening of the AMAG distribution center in the Birrfeld AG, in the intersection of the north south and for the east west motorway tangent, 1965 one of the largest park areas of Switzerland develops. 1967 transfer AMAG the general agency for AUDI in Switzerland. A mark with large historical tradition becomes again present, and for AMAG a new chapter begins. The mark NSU comes 1970 by fusion with AUDI to the AMAG. 1984 sign AMAG the import contract with Seat. At the end of August 1989 the einmillionste VoIkswagen into Switzerland one imports. It is a gulf. 1992 take over AMAG the general agency of Skoda. One of the largest industrial enterprises of the former Austrian Hungarian double monarchy and a prominent car manufacturer and of the thirties twenties step the markets of the west up after years of the isolation as a serious competitor and with attention exciting success. 1994 taken in the Birrfeld in the AMAG distribution center a new, high-rational new vehicle-preparationresounds in enterprise. " 
Interesting stuff. Thanks Bjoern. 🙂
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