hello, dear vw enthousiats.

nice to re-discover this site dedicated to original vw's.
i put a photo of my car 1 or 2 years ago there too but missed this site for a while.

i sadly did not go to peppercorn last week-end. i was ready to go and take the ferry with my 64. but i finally couldn't.

i went there few years ago too... but not with the beetle.

just 2 questions like that...

is there anybody who would have news of the 65 pearl white beetle which was for sale (clarks's beetle or something...) with a brand new platform and "lotterman's autohaus" sticker's on the back.

is there anybody who knows the owner of the green wesphalia bay window and lives in greenwhich london if i remember well, ?
-(guess he's electrician )

i try to get in touch with again, i should find his exact name in an old volksworld magazine about a bw bus from australia.

bye for now

Nicolas. France.

May 64 , small windows beetle, sea blue, mint original condition.

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Welcome back Nicolas 😎

Sunday at Peppercorn was pretty much rained off 😞
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
"Sunday at Peppercorn was pretty much rained off"

how do you say in english... makes me feel less regreting to not have been able to come... :lol:

i know there's the same car as mine, a sea blue 64 but with right hand drive too...
cambridge is a nice area. ok, let's coming back to vw dub...

May 64 , small windows beetle, sea blue, mint original condition.
Nice car Nicolas. I had a '63 in that colour, lovely car, only sold it begause the Ex-Mrs wanted it off the drive of her house when I moved out... :cry:

But at least it gave me the chance to buy my oval.. 😃
A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day.
Andy Sparks
Nice bug, welcome in.
You can never have too many accessories on your car. 🙂
this is a great pleasure to find genuines original beetle's enthousiasts.

i was looking again one of my favourite book, i saw the 63 sea blue with pop windows behind, and registr number : YWM 194

maybe your ex ?

i have to say i'm not specially fond of splits and ovals, for me each model futhermore before 68 is interesting.

it could appear strange for people but i would prefer a 60's , more ready to drive and still looking old and good with a real character.

in france, when we look on the small vintage scene here, there's more ovals and splits than 60 's for example. and i think it's a shame.

And, as far as im concerned i consider an original 1302 as a very interesting car for example.
easier to find spare parts but no so common in the meetings...
May 64 , small windows beetle, sea blue, mint original condition.
1958 Harry
Nice car!

I agree I personally prefer 58-67 bugs than earlier or later ones.
Multi show winning magazine featured '58 Bug - Harry
2007 2.0 New Beetle - Mijj
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