honest harry
15 years ago
Failed MOT on brakes, but can't find anyone who stock Wheel cylinder rubbers.. Any one have an Idea,?[/b]

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  • djkeev
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15 years ago

Please provide some basic information so you can be helped.

What are you driving?

what exactly do you need?

Have they ever been upgraded at any point to the larger shoes and cylinders?? How many bolts hold them on? are they 19mm or 22 mm??

If you have an oval body it may possibly be mounted on a 60's chassis which changes everything, best to provide chassis # stamped under the rear seat on the channel too.



All is not as simple as it may initially appear!

Can they even be rebuilt??? Have you disassembled them and run a wheel cylinder hone in to clean them up and then examined the walls for rusting and corrosion damage?? Too badly pitted and they will leak.


"If you don't have the time to do it right the first time, when will you find the time to do it over again later?"
honest harry
15 years ago
Hi Dave, thanks for your concern, Its a 58 splitty. But have sorted it now

The front clyinders are the same size bore as the 64, so cleaned up the bores, and bought 4 later type, and fitted the pistons only. total cost about £30. (heritage want £65 per clyinder ) rears were no problem at £9 each. so all sorted .. and just made it to the NEC classic show with MOT