Hi guys,

I've got a 1961 beetle but it doesn't have the original engine (it's a 1965).

Those of you that run and maintain a 1961 engine would you say ti's relatively easy to source replacement parts? Are they high maintenance?

My current engine is requiring some attention, but I'm not sure how much attention I should give it if there's the option of replacing it.

My beetle is by no means a show winner, but I do like the fact that most of the rust is original! Fitting a more original engine will not increase the value of my beetle it's just something I've always planned to do. But I don't have pots of cash to keep an engine going, so ultimately the decision is financial.

I appreciate any of your comments.

pammer x

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Rich Oakley
If you're looking to replace the engine anyway, why not try and find a '61 engine. Most parts are interchangable with a 65 1200 engine anyway.
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I'm building mine from a nos 61 industrial engine. When complete, the only difference will be the serial number. Had to find some sheet metal parts (like heat exchangers) and a distributor.

61 engines suffered from cam and lifter wear. My engine was only run for break in, already the lifters had some serious wear. Replaced cam and lifters with later stock parts. Also long rocker shaft studs are recommended to be replaced by the pull-in repair kit.

In my opinion: a stale air engine looks far better in a 61, than the later one with air ducts.
Andy Sparks
No cam bearings worries me a little.

However the cam is still in stock at VW i asked them about 2 yeras ago, £250 scared me off though.

I got a NOSish engine off a water pump.

If you need any part numbers give me a shout, i have a 1961 parts book.
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A friend of mine has a '61 stale-air 1200 sitting in her garage which was removed from her '60 in favor of a correct 30 horse motor.

It was running fine before being removed but was stripped down for a rebuild which never happened!

It's in Cheddington, Bucks. If you're interested I can put you in touch.