There has been a 1954 oval (861 LUG) for sale on ebay for the past week or so. It's a restoration project and was located in Weston Super Mare. It didn't reach it's reserve the first time around and so was re-listed and then was quite soon withdrawn as being no longer available. I'm assuming, therefore, that it was sold privately.
I used to own this car in the late 1970's, early 1980's and can fill in a little of its early history. From the photos it doesn't look as though any work was done to it since I sold it.
If anyone reading this post has bought the car or knows of the new owner then I'd be very happy for them to get in touch to pass on the details I know. Unfortunately I don't have any old paperwork for the car.
I hope its going to be restored to its former glory.

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I saw that car. I could'nt figure out the plate though. I thought *UG & *UF were recent re-issue plates? I know we have done XUF and a friend XUG I think, this year? But there was no way that car has had an MOT in the last few years! :shock: It seemed a very unlikely original plate on a 50's car? But is it the original plate?
I would guess from your post it must be! And given that it has a fairly sensible 'L' rather than an utterly rubbish X!

Sadly I would guess (but hope I am entirely wrong) that sold so cheap around £1k, the odds would be that it will not end up stock as it will probably have fallen into the hands of someone young or building a racecar, given its stripped condition, and how many expensive and hard to find 54 parts the new owner needs to find now. How is that for a mass generalisation from me! :lol: :lol:

BUT lets hope, :beer:

"it'll wreck the patina you haven't worked so hard to create" - 50Karmann
In a way you're correct about that reg. number. 'UG' were letters originally issued by the Leeds registration authority along with 'UB'and 'UM'. I have a 1963, Ruby Red 1200 with the letters EUM and a 1960 with the letters UB, both cars being originally supplied by the VW dealer in Leeds - Moortown Motors.
861 LUG was not issued to that oval in 1954 as the car was originally registered in Jersey. It came to the UK in the late 50's and was given a new number then. I bought the car in Leeds in 1979 (I think) and the 50's number had been retained and so LUG was a newly issued Leeds number from 1979.
Certainly that car hasn't been on the road since I sold it around 1985 as I know the guy who I sold it to just stored it for many years. I agree it needs to be restored to stock. If I hadn't several other projects on the go at present then I'd have bid on it myself.
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