13 years ago
Hello can anybody help having peoblems with my 58 bug she turns over once then stops as if theres not enough fule.
ok i have cheked fule taps is brand new and ok no blockage. i have checked the fule line from the tank to the fuel pump , thats ok no blokage , i have totlay stripped down and cleaned the fuel pump. also stripped and cleaned the 28 pict manual carb . i have bought a brand new fuel pipe from the fuel pump to the carb no blokage there, and the fuel is coming out ok.. but still having problems . anyone on here with any ideas what i could check next
any info would be good
thankyou all
paul i thort i would pot this here to as my beetle has same engine as a oval

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lou cypher
13 years ago
Did it run OK before?

check timing and points

start with that
13 years ago
Be methodical and start with the basics

Dissconnect fuel line before pump and check for fuel
reconnect and dissconnect pipe after pump.get friend to turn over and see if fuel pumps out .reconnect pipe.
check that fuel is spraying in the carb when you press throttle.manual choke ? check its working.

Check ignition. quick check is take no 1 lead off hold with a spare plug in against case and turn engine with ignition on by hand.You should get a decent spark.Dont hold the plug though! ,just the lead.Check it sparks with the pulley notch at the crankcase join or thereabouts .
Also check your points gap is around 0.4mm.

While its at no1 firing position check your valve clearance for that cylinder and then do the 2,3,and 4.
After that do a compression test with all plugs removed first.

if that doesnt work .Sart again but keep it methodical.

if your engine fires when cranking and stops when you release the key,Check the ignition switch.or try a permenant live to coil just to eliminate it.

Good luck
13 years ago
Thanks sun roof and lou
thankyou all for the info gonna try some more tomorrow
see what happens
  • Kev
  • pre67vw Junkie
13 years ago
Agree with the fuel tests suggested already but I would do them with the ignition switched off turning the engine manually using the dynamo pulley nut. You don't really want ignition sparks same time as you're checking fuel flow.

And again, what has changed, did it used to run ok ?

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