RockStock wrote:

looked sweet, Rhodrich
lovely og interior, nice matching green sunroof
yes, a bit tucked in to a corner...

got any pre-resto pics?
bit of background?
is that an age related-issued plate? decent combo

I thought I'd move the discussion into a thread of its own, rather than cluttering up the Volksworld show thread.....

First of all, a confession. I don't want to pretend that this is an original 11G. The 3 fold ragtop was originally from a '53, but has been fitted properly by being leaded in place (by Wolfgang from Wolf Parts - see below), and then completely rebuilt with a NOS cover, and headlining from Himmelservice.

I don't really have any pre-resto pics, as the car has never really been 'restored', except for odd repair work, and a respray when the ragtop was fitted in about 2006.

The car was purchased in 1951 (I have the receipt at home), and kept by the original owner until 1972, when he traded it in for a new 1303! At the time, the garage he traded it in at thought it was a very clean example, and that it would make a very good display car in the corner of their showroom. They replaced a number of parts with new items (ribbed doors and bumpers spring to mind), and did a few small repairs (rear nearside bumper mount). At the time, originality was not a priority, and this bumper mount is a '70's item. (I will sort it out eventually).

It then sat in this show room until 2005, when it was purchased by the previous owner. He rebuilt all the brakes with NOS items, and recommissioned anything else that needed sorting, and drove the car around for a year. He then took it off the road for a freshen-up, and to fit the ragtop. At this stage, he fitted the 30hp engine that it currently sports, which is an industrial unit with virtually no hours on it. I still have the original 25hp, which itself could probably do with a bit of a freshen-up

Having other committments, once the respray was done, he got back to the task of fitting it up, until the project stalled, and he decided to sell the car on...
Rhodrich attached the following image(s):

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The car was advertised on The Samba, and I went out to view it this time last year, when I happened to be in Stockholm anyway for my sister's wedding.

I liked what I saw, and made arrangements for the car to be fitted up enough for it to be driven, and then went to collect it in June....


(I fitted the rear brake lights, as I didn't want to just rely on the orange centre one)

I then drove it across to Gothenburg from Stockholm, staying in a very nice hotel on the way....


The ferry port:


The ferry



And after a boring 2 days at sea, round the M25 to sunny Kingston


Since then, it's been busy putting everything back. It might have looked pretty much there in the pictures above, but it really only had a driver's seat, and not much else! When doing this, I made the dreadful discovery that the front beam was kippered, with the shock towers made out of filler - very strange, as the rest of the car is so solid. Not a problem though. A NOS short shock front beam was sourced from the Samba, and fitted up. It then went through its MOT without a problem.

The passenger side seat was in a dreadful condition, and I managed to pick up one in very similar condition to the rest of my interior from Owen at VW Garden (thanks Anna!)

I also fitted the Judson Supercharger, which I picked up at VW Action last year, after answering an advert on Volkszone.

Now the plate it was issued when it was imported was 458 XUL. I have a thing about import plates, because they are not age related - you can tell instantly that a car has been re registered, as they all use the same batch of numbers. In addition, in 1951, plates had 3 letters then 3 numbers not 3 number and 3 letters (these only came in in the late '50s). My true 'age related' plate was picked up at a reasonable price from eBay. The car is now known in my club as 'VOD'

Fast forward to the Volksworld show, and the original plan was just to put it on my Club stand (Twickenham Aircoolers). While parking up though, Ivan offered me an 'upgrade'. The car wasn't really on display inside, but was part of the Santa Pod stand! I wasn't one to complain though!


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Lovely car and a great story.:d
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Wow I love it! plate is great too! before someone else asks I am going to be first, SO, do you drink a lot of vodka? :beer: :lol: nice number choice too! :d

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oops sorry that was bigger than I expected! :shock: :lol:
"it'll wreck the patina you haven't worked so hard to create" - 50Karmann
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I remember reading the story over on The Samba. What a cool car and so nice to see it at the show at the weekend.

I hope it will be a regular at some of the more 'Vintage' shows in the UK too!

8) :d

It's hard to say what my girlfriend does for a living...

...She sells sea shells on the sea shore!
I've just remembered - I do actually have a pre-resto pic, as I've got a picture of the original owner washing the car in the '60s at home. Shame I don't have a scanner to scan it in.....

Thanks again for nice comments. I am not really a Vodka drinker, and neither is the car - it prefers unleaded! If anyone did happen to know a Vodka drinking 917 owner though, I'd be happy to sell the plate for one million dollars :lol:

I do plan to do some vintage shows this year - pop over and say hello if you see me :d
Really pretty car! Coming to Stanford Hall?:d
wow,thats a nice story!

i must admit i drooled over this for a while...

hope to see it in the sun soon
Car less.....
Stanford Hall? We shall see - it's a bit of a trek.

Should be be doing Stonor Park (not that there appeared to be any Split window beetles there last year) and Peppercorn this year. Otherwise, I'll only be going to 'new wave' events.... sorry! :oops:
Stanford Hall's not too far, it takes the same time as going to Peppercorn and it's a much better event...nice grounds, nice country house, beautiful cars and no mud and donkeys!
mrsherbie wrote:

oops sorry that was bigger than I expected! :shock: :lol:

Dizzy blonde moment?:wink:
mrsherbie wrote:

oops sorry that was bigger than I expected! :shock: :lol:

I've heard that from a few girls before............ :roll:

Lovely car by the way, I ust admit 'crotch cooler' cars are my all time favourites.

And before George reminds me....... Yes, I know I should have bought the blue one :oops:
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In a field, yesterday.....


When anyone asks me why I have no time for current 'trends' in VW modification, I'll just show them this picture.
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Rhodrich wrote:

In a field, yesterday.....



Ah brilliant, you managed to get a photo with Mr Leggs car! 😎

Nice speaking to you yesterday. :d
One of these two cars NEEDS Legs.

Nov. 1947 +
Febr 1949 shell
I guess the left one is already standing there several years. :wink: :lol:
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64rotbox wrote:

When anyone asks me why I have no time for current 'trends' in VW modification, I'll just show them this picture.

& what will that tell them? that you can’t respect other peoples choice of how to have their own car?