OK...Im trying to piece together the history of the Moto Torino and need some help filling in the blanks and the photo posted on the Frua car has got me thinking

In the backround the car appears to be the Moto Torino...if this is the case, which it sure looks to be, would it be safe to assume that Hubert Brundage was involved with it?

I dont have the Coachbuilts book in front of me, but from what I remember, the car was first delivered to the US, then shipped to Italy for the conversion and then came to Florida in about 1961. The current owner of the car bought it from a fellow who bought it in 1962 from O'Brien Motors in St Petersburg Florida. OBrien Motors was certainly within Brundage's territory as the South Eastern VW distributor, which could explain how it got there.

The car has no markings on it stating Moto Torino, and the VW birth certificate just states that it was shipped to the US as a regular Beetle.

I feel quite confident that the car is the exact same car, but I would like to find more concrete proof that it is. Perhaps Bob Schail or Keith Seume that wrote the book have more photos or information...does Bob frequent the list? Can someone that knows him ask him?

There are some blanks to be filled in and any help with filling them would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi randy,

How are you?.
I will forward the link to bob shail. To my feeling, He does not comes here on this forum.
I'll let you know when he reply.

I know nothing more on that car beside what is in the book of keith and Bob.

Greetings. Peter
ZELENSIS, coachbuilt body from the 50's on a vw platform made in Belgium. Peter the heb detective
Can someone post the text from the Coachbuilts and Cabriolet's book on the moto torino or perhaps scan the pages? Ive searched high and low and can not find my copy and would like to make sure I have my facts straight and to look at the photos again.

Please let me know if Bob replies, and thanks very much for doing this Peter...I appreciate it very much.
VW Stan
Bill Butler, the owner of the Moto Torino, used to post on here but hasn't been around for a while.

It might be worth getting in touch with him as he was gathering info on his car and the factory.


Bill's profile page... 
VW Stan attached the following image(s):

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Im working with Bill on this...he has told me all he knows, and Im going from there.
I wonder if Randy is getting ready to handle a sale?
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW

Here is the photo of the car from the book.

If anyone has any information about this car please let me know. It is not for sale on the open market by the way...

Right now what I am trying to establish through photos or any other information out there,is that the car is indeed the Moto Torino...I am quite convinced of it myself, but I'd like to dig up "proof".
Any news from Bob?
Im still searching...

This should help. Refer to Hemmings Exports and Exotics, March 2011, #67, page 12.

Moto-Torino, a coach builder in Turin Italy. Cars were shipped from Germany to Turin. After conversion they were shipped back to Germany. They were serviced by the Glockler VW dealership then shipped to the USA. Destination was Florida, Brundage Motors, VW dealer for the Southeastern U.S.

Walter Glockler was a German VW dealer whose shop was also the source of the Porsche powered special that served as the inspiration for the 550 spyder.

Bill owns a 1962. He can be reached via Hemings.

John Fauerbach