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Hi all, i have recently posted a wanted add on the forums for a 36hp Judson kit and have had a reply from a "Phil Brown" from Spain.

Does anybody know of this fella or recognise the photo of old?

I have just got a feeling its too cheap and the photo is from another add somewhere.I may be wrong, any help greatly appreciated!


Any tips on how i can get any prospective seller to prove that they are genuine?

Regards, Bish.


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Hello! Nice oval!

ask John, 'lifeintheslowlane' on here, I am sure you have probably come across his site?!

"it'll wreck the patina you haven't worked so hard to create" - 50Karmann
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Hello to you!! Yes ive been on the Judson Register site many times over the years, i recently posted a wanted add and spoke to Alejandro in Belgium. I was pretty much going to buy a kit from him at the start of last week but by the end of the week the exchange rate from sterling to euros pushed the price up by an extra £140! I like the idea of a good reconditioned unit from Alejandro but i dont want to blow my whole budget for the car on the one item as i have done in the past:roll: Patience will be the key i hope and the right kit will come along,theres no rush i dont think the Oval will be on the road for this summer but you never know your luck!

Not sure what to do about Mr Brown and his kit, i have asked for more detailed photos etc and some id info. Tricky buisness! I am a trusting sort of fella but there are just too many wrong uns out there!
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Think "Mr Brown" may be trying to scam me.:roll:
The picture he sent me of "his" Judson for sale appears to have been taken from here; http://oldspeed-mouse-mo...percharger-for-sale.html 

Nevermind, still looking then.

Its definatly a scam, i know this because thats my judson i sold last year in september :twisted:
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Thanks Judson53, i had already told the scammer where to go.

I have recieved another scam mail today from a suposed seller who is selling on behalf of his deaf,dumb and blind friend!

Is someone winding me up:lol:

I can honestly say i have never had any scammers on my case before, but a wanted add for a Judson nets me two! They turn up in some strange places dont they!
Just spotted this,  is my vintage speed blog, I'd posted that Judson53's Judson was for sale in case anyone was interested at the time.

Glad you spotted it if this new 'seller' is a scam.