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I have a 1963 6 volt beetle owned it since 1991 when i got it it was 12 volt but when i restored the car i reverted it back to 6 volt to make it original.Ever since its been a real pain i just put it down to very little use since its resto in 1993 as it only gets used for some shows and does around 200 miles a year .So every 2 years it gets a new battrie and all is good.Anyway last weekend i went to the car to use it for a local show turned teh key and nothing this has never happened before as i normally get the dash lights but not this time.Normally a quick push out the garage and away it goes.This time i jumped it on a 12 volt battrie (naughty) and away it went drove very well considering it hadnt been out since last august well pleased done about 80 miles but still wont start but does light up the dash lights now.Checked the voltage in the batterie and it shows only 5.8 volts.Put a new battrie on fired straight away but only charging at 6.5 volts .Sounds like a dodgy voltage regulator to me .How can i check as ive removed the top and tryed to see what happens all i can see is the rear contact move when starting its the one witn the heavy coil.What is the fron one supposed to do as it appeares to do nothing is this my problem.Any help would be good before i convert it to 12 volt which i dont want to do.
Sorry for the long post but it must be simple problem

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