Can anyone tell me exactly what I need to order when replacing my accelerator cable on the 60?

It's got a 28pci carb (so manual choke) if that makes any difference?

The set-up at the moment seems a bit ropey to say the least, the tube that passes through the fan housing seems very loose, the spring that sits over the top of the tube seems too long and pushes the cable at acute angle to the lever on the carb. Plus the spring doesn't have much resistance and doesn't fully close the throttle resulting in high idling speeds.
The cable itself is very thick and not very flexible, plus it's a bit mangled so doesn't move very freely.

Aside from needing a new cable, I've found an accelerator cable tube kit on Coolair here: 

Is this also something I need - i.e. would this coupled with the cable be everything I need?

On a side note - the carb could do with rebuilding as the spindle leaks fuel - are they easy to rebuild and what do you get in a rebuild kit?

Thanks all


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Rich Oakley

Cable, Spring, Spring retainer, Spring retainer clip. THe tube that goes through the fanhousing can be loose, that's ok. The spring retainer (like a long cylinder with a flared end), slips over the spring and is held in place with the retaining clip. This is ok if it's at a funny angle at the carb.

Does the throttle fully close on the carb when the cable is detached? If so, you might have a kinked cable that's catching somwhere.
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Rich Oakley
PS: if the spindle leaks, get it re-bushed. Not worth rebuilding it with a kit unless you put new bushes in as well. Carburettor Exchange in Leighton Buzzard come very highly recommended by a few of us.... 
47 Beetle, 56 UK Karmann Cabriolet, 56 UK Beetle, 57 UK Type 2, 59 UK Beetle, 66 UK Fastback.
Thanks Rich,

there's no spring retainer at all, or any clips for that matter. There's literally the tube through the fan housing, cable to the throttle and spring over the top. Cable is held in place via a screw at the throttle arm.

I'll get new bits ordered today.

When the cable is detatched it doesn't quite fully close - but a light push with a finger sorts it, so I'd say either the spring in the carb is tired or the linkages are a bit worn maybe?

Thanks for the heads up on Carburettor Exchange, looks like an overhaul is in order :beer: :d
Sorry to be a pain, but is there any chance you have a photo or exploded diagram so I can see what I need to order? Links or part numbers could be useful.

Looking on the coolair site there seems to be loads of different tubes, cables, clips etc. and I'm afraid I'm getting a bit confused by all the options:?

Wolfsburg West have a diagram on their website but it's not particularly large (
tman attached the following image(s):

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That's great Andrew,

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