Hello guys.

I'm back here today looking for some advice. I've been hunting for almost a year a pre-67 beetle that might suit my budget (around 5000 ro 6000 US$), i finally am getting closer to have the money available, and came down to 2 possible restoration projects....

One is a '58. Complete, assembled, no missing parts, matching numbers, etc. for around 5500 US$... the second one is a 20% restored 1951, fully dismantled, supposed to be complete, for a bit more than 2000 US$... the 51 is really appealing and suits my vintage beetle fetish, but i'm afraid of getting into an endless project that might never get completed (no floor pans, for example) ... on the other hand, a fully assembled 58, relatively trouble free, complete, no rust, original interior, restorable by steps (mechanics today, floorpans tomorrow, paint next day and interior for last)...

take a look at these links.. your feed back will be really appreciated!!!!!

Thank you guys!!!

this is the split: http://articulo.mercadol...jo-split-window-1951-_JM 

This is the '58: http://www.arcar.org/volkswagen-escarabajo-24463 

greetings to all!

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I think only you can make the choice, it all depends on your skill, your wallet and your desire. Both look like great projects, either one could end up a great car!

The split will cost you more to do, it's just a fact that split parts are more expensive and in the end a split will be the less practial car of the two (in my opinion) - but it's a split!! :beer:

If it's your first resto, go with the easier project - build your skills/knowledge, you'll either be happy with what you have done and want to keep it, or you'll be able to sell it and buy a better split project that you'll be more prepaired for.
Rob Amos
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I agree...you will need all the expensive parts to complete the split, you also don't really know how well the 20% restoration was done, let alone the amount of work left to do after that.
If you are quite new to all this, why not get familiar with old VWs by getting the 58, which doesn't seem to have a lot that needs doing. I would also not repaint it and leave the original faded colour.
I think this already makes it more interesting than a restored repainted split, even though it's a younger model.
Go for the 58, it looks real nice.

The split could end up as one of those project that you will never finish, (its already a project that someone else has not finished!)

Get a complete running split later - but you'll have to race me for it :wink:

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lee ivatt

Have been lurking around on the forum since selling my 49 standard. Like you again looking for that illusive project.

I have a 58 golde sunroof for sale at the mo, I bought it as it was a good price and genuine golde. With the idea to turn it back to stock. But in the end have decided to sell it to some one more "suited".

My 49 split came as a bare shell, and I managed to locate the chassis for it. It was my first dive in to a vintage resto after years of 60/70's bugs and the like.

Believe me, that split could easily cost you the same again to restore it. And thats if you can find the parts. Problem with splits is they really deserve to be done right, the floor pans you mention are a good example. Do you try and replicate the originals or put in later halves which are cheaper and easier?
Everything you do to this car could and probalby will directly effect its final valve and the stick you and your pride and joy get for not being "kosher". (thats unless your a narrow beam man, and think your rust (sorry painta) finished split is worth £10k 😳 hehe)

The 58 is a complete car, so resto wise would be the safer choice. Sourcing of parts will be mainly mechanical wear and tear and repairing or swaping interior items etc for better ones.

Id hazard a guess that the 58 would cost you finished (depending on your ability and skills) the same price the same price the split is up for at the moment.

On the other hand if you love a challange go for the split. Id depends on your finances im affraid.

The beauty of the split is its a bare shell, you can see EVERYTHING. That 58 is most likley packing some filler and dodgy welds some where.

As has been mentioned, you also need to look at the end product and its useability.
A split really is the dogs dangalies, but can you see your self enjoying it and using it as much as you would the 58?
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Thank you for the advice guys!

So, i'll go for the 58! much safer, easier, cheapier, less messy, and more drivable car...

Will post pics as soon as i get the baby home!