I like registries... I know some hate them, but no matter how you look at them they are always a great source of knowledge-sharing and build-detail-documentation for the owners of a respective car type.

There is Bart's excellent Typ 166-reg, there is Tonny's Barndoors...Peter's Heb-list, Claus' Split Karmanns...all the other coachbuilt-regs, the "couple of" low light Ghia lists and the "battling" KDF-Beetle registries... That's probably more than enough....but how about the 1945-1949-Beetles?

A very very exciting and crucial era for VW and possibly more changes and "randomly"- used parts than any other era of the VW-history. And - very few survivors really exist..

I am not aware of any such regsitry, does anybody know of one? Logging the survivors from right after the war and up to "German-takeover" and mass production / export-model in 1949. A good cut off date could be March-49 (end of "war-era" design elements), or June-49 (official export model introduced) .. or maybe chassis number 100.000 (March 49?) ?? .. or something.

Soo many details of the 45, 46, 47, 48-models have been reserached and logged and would be excellent to put into a registry for future restoration reference..

Does something like this exist? Should it?

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Rich Oakley
47 Beetle, 56 UK Karmann Cabriolet, 56 UK Beetle, 57 UK Type 2, 59 UK Beetle, 66 UK Fastback.
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