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Hi, I'm looking for some reference photographs of how a Feb 55 Beetle firewall and lower window area should look internally from the engine bay. At some point in it's life this area has had the side firewall sections cut out (up near the c pillar) and I would like to see what a totally original early 55 should look like? If anyone has any photographs of this area, from inside the engine bay looking up towards the rear window vent showing each internal side also I would really appreciate having a look.

Also, can anyone recommend the best reproduction front and rear valance panels please for an early 55? I have read elsewhere confusing information on the correct style of valances and I am now unsure on the correct style?

Many thanks if anyone can assist.

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For your valances,use Wolf in Sweden.
(Aside from the 1 pluglead), mine is late jan early feb 55 and according to this very helpful thread on the samba is all correct (yippee! :d) There is an amazing level of detail on this thread :shock:

samba 54/55 engine correctness thread 

Car is blocked in for the winter now so I cant take any more pics at mo unfortunately.
Maybe search the samba galleries for 54 beetle pics?

I agree Wolfparts , you wont be disappointed with the parts


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Thanks for the link, lots of good pics and information. It will be interesting to see how far from original my engine is, I suspect some distance 😞 but one step at a time.

I'm checking out Wolf as I type, panels look quality and backed up by recommendations, so all good.

Thanks again.