11 years ago
I haven't driven my 56 Oval for about 2 weeks now and I took her for a spin today. The Near side semaphore is now no longer working. The light on the dash when the lever is swicthed lights but when you get out of the car and touch the semaphore it feels as if it is pulling in...if I prise it though it pops up and when I flick the lever it goes back down but then it happens all over again come the next attempt...any ideas whats wrong?

Also, the off side only goes up about 1/3 of the way but it isn't catching on anything so I don't know whats wrong here either so thoughts would be helpful for this also.

The electrics are 12v and go though a 12v-6v voltage reducer on-route to the 6v sempaphores.

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54 Gertie
11 years ago
The dash light is on even if the semaphore isn't 'up'? Is that right, just seems to work off the switch? This doesn't sound right, it should only come on when the sem is almost completely 'up', there's a little contact on the piston in the sem itself.

Genuine or repro? I've had awful experiences with a pair of repro ones, on 6v. Some people swear by them however.

It sounds like they are a little bit gummed up, or they are not getting a good 6v. On 12v (even with dropper) I'd expect them to come up well depending on whatever else is happening (on a 6v car, the sems are often lazy when running other electrical things).

They 'latch' when down, so they dont flap about in the wind. Dont force them open, you could bend something. The piston has to exert a fair amount of force to get them to 'de-latch', then they can being to move, sounds like maybe the piston is sticky and more so on the one that wont open at all without help. I've had success with a few days of soaking in WD-40 (fine nozzle down the cylinder) and gentle movement to free them up, the ones I did barely moved before doing this and now work a treat on 6v.

If I were you I'd whip them out and bench test them with a good 6v supply, if they are the same then this will rule out any wiring issues. If the work better, then I'd suggest cleaning up any contacts between the battery and the switch, and from the switch to the sems. The contacts in the switch could be gummed up, or the connections (presume screw-terminal all over) elsewhere could be a bit crappy.

As a temporary 'get you home' solution, a stern 'whack' on the B-post behind the sems often helps a lethargic sem to achieve 'full mast'.
11 years ago
If you want to get your semaphores rewired to 12v to remove the voltage droppers, I can sort that.
Old Blue
11 years ago
I've seen on the Samba recently that someone in the USA is suppling new 12volt semis.
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