Hi i had just typed out a long list of questions then closed the window down by mistake so heres the eddited version.
I have just bought a 1955 Standard Oval but a few things i need to know.
Vin number is -1-0941244 looking on other forums it dates it as a July 1955, (DOB CERT APPLIED FOR FROM VW) But it has cable Brakes and Bolts not runners on the floor pans and pans dont look like they have been changed. No seats came with the car so wish me luck finding some.
The car came with a four tab bonnet but has trim holes in it is this correct..?
Should a single tailpipe or twin pipe exhaust be fitted..?
what is the order of the knobs fitted to the dash from left to right..? ie key,lightswitch wipers..
I have two holes drilled in the dash to the left of the ashtray are they for a aftermarket bud vase..?
Is the rear valance fitted wrong for the year should it have a H valance..?
Shoud it have grab handles fitted to the B posts if so what colour..?
Just a few questiond for now
Cheers Musclebus aka Martin
last photo is a photo of a few parts bought for it
Will try and add photos but im new to these Forums
Photos here if its worked 
musclebus attached the following image(s):

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Rich Oakley
Welcome to the forum.

The floorpan all sounds correct with the bolts for the seat wing-nuts and cable brakes. Your 4-tab bonnet would not have had trim. Your car would have been fitted with the 'new' dual pipe exhaust. Knobs left to right: headlamps, wipers, choke, ignition barrel. Those two extra holes could have been for a budvase, but also maybe a dealer badge or something else. The car should have an H-valance. Standards did not have grab straps.

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