This is just a heads up to avoid doing business with the seller of the 54 rhd oval in the classifieds section:

http://www.pre67vw.com/classifieds/det il.aspx?id=5274 

This oval was described to me as a complete car only needing painting, putting back together and bumpers/running boards. He then proceeded to send me photos of the only two areas that needed attention. I should have realised what sort of person I was dealing with early on when once we'd agreed a price he changed his mind the next day and wanted a £100 more! I wanted the car so stupidly agreed to carry on with buying the car when he said he'd throw in some goodies he'd already bought for it.
Well on the day of my delivery guy going to pick up the car the alarm bells began to ring, he gave me some bullsh*t story how he's 'friend' had been rolling the car out of the garage (even though car sat on the drive) to put air in the tire and had managed to fold in half one of the orginal wings and that he would replace it. Later in the day I was horrified when the car finally arrived. Basically the car is a rolling shell that is heavily damaged, there is damage to the front quarter, rear quarter is very bad. It's also been welded in the past at some point. Not only are most parts missing to complete the car what is there is fit for the bin.
I phoned him and told him I'd be returning the car as it was nothing like it was described and we agreed that I would take a hit on the cost of delivery to me but he'd pay the return costs. True to form it took me a week to get money back for the car after it was returned tand when they finally did pay up after telling more lies it is short of the delivery costs.
This dishonest person is to be avoided at all costs, and Ivor if you do read this I will get that money you owe me and stop hidding behind your wife.

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