:roll: hey i have the hamburger heb and i have a problem now how can find out the bodynumber the chasnumber is 1-0123030 deleverd15-11-49

i,m the hamburgerheb

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Hi, The body Nr is found behind the spare tire just under the ID plate.
In the pictures that I saw from your car The ID plate is mounted to low,
you need to remove the ID plate and than you probably will see the body Nr of your car.
congratulations with your car

hey i have remove the that plate is nothing behind the replace the front
i,m the hamburgerheb
Hello hamburgerheb and welcome to the forum.

How nice to have yet another Heb owner on this site 😃
Looking at the pictures of the area where the body number should be, It looks to me like the front has been replaced with metal from a later 1950s beetle.

As far as I know, this is the only place where the body number is stamped on the car.

There are two hebs in England with later fronts, and I don't think either owners know what number their cars are (Yan & Paul) :cry:

It's not possible to work it out from the Aufbau Number as they don't run in order.

the VW museum might be able to help?

Or Yan at The Hebmuller Register  might have more information on your car. 😃

Best wishes,

(Heb) six-o-one 😎
Hi, Welcome to the forum 😎

That now makes six Heb owners regsitered on the site, how cool is that??

From the Aufbau number, it is possible to work out the date of the car, but not the body number. I have heard that in recent years it has been possible for a few owners to find the body number from the (original) chassis number by contacting the VW museum. This isn't a normal service they offer and may take some digging around and its not guaranteed. Another route may be to trace some of the previous owners, once you get back to near when the front was repaired you might be in luck.

Are you planning on taking the car to Hessisch Oldendorf this year??

Do you have any more photos?

Rob Amos
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Hello and welcome,

congrats. with your new car. 😃
I guess it is Mr Coenen here, that name was told to us by Björn from Wolfsburg.( also a heb owner ( black ex peter max muller car))

If it is Mr Coenen, I have mailed you on your site adress with some Questions.
If this is not the case I understand that you want to stay anonym and mr Coenen got a useless mail from me. :roll:

Like already written here above, the hebmuller bodynr is only stamped in the front where the Id plate is mounted.
Hebmuller factory registers are gone, Wolfsburg could dig in there books but I think they can only tell that your Chassis with nr ...... was send at day;month.year to Joseph Hebmuller bodyworks in Wulfrath

At your car however there is no bodynr and that means that the metal is replaced for some reason . There is no other source to detect the bodynr and even if you find previous owners the chance is small that they know that number. The only one that could know is the first owner that kept his invoice from the dealer and the litle card with all the details like aufbaunr, chassis, keynr, frame nr; color..

The body Id plate from hebmuller is also gone and this means that you can not date the construction of the car.

The strange thing on your car is that just above the ID plate there is a "X" stamped in the metal I have never seen that on a VW... Strange.

I did see a pict from the punched in VIN and I have doughts that it is original. I see a dubble punched caracter? Maybe it is original but....I am not sure because I have seen alot VINS and never seen a VW Vin like that .

I wish you al the best with your car an if I can find something I will let you know.

Greetings. and a hebby New year ... :wink:

ZELENSIS, coachbuilt body from the 50's on a vw platform made in Belgium. Peter the heb detective
Hey :oops:
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i have the document from wolfsburg now its has bodynumber 177 and was delevered in black / white 😃
i,m the hamburgerheb
They couldn't tell me the original colour of mine.


Hey newcomer (hamburgerheb) can you tell me which document you are talking about :?:
Why don't you scan it in and show it to us :?:
First see and than believe is my motto :!: :!: :!:

:twisted: ET
I ’ll never regret the things I did wrong!
I only regret the good things I did for the wrong people!
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