7 years ago
Can anyone recommend a good company to transport my '55 oval to Switzerland from the UK?


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7 years ago
Hi Malcolm !

You are right in the other post = to many cars and sadly not much time to drive them all 😞 Thatswhy your Oval is going to Switzerland now - you know, I told you ......

For the transport company I can warmly recommend " The Virginia Water Motor Company " , Alpha 319, Chobham Business Centre, Chertsey Road, Chobham, Surrey GU24 8JB UK, They always did an amazing job.
There is only one problem - I never had to pay for the transport myself and I think, they are not on the cheaper side - The name of the guy I had to deal with was Julian. As I said, they always did it the right way.

I hope I could help you and maybe see us in Lavenham next year ! :beer:
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