Hi everyone,
I am in process of restoration of an old good 1962 VW Beetle (1200 cc engine). There is plenty of body work to do, and that is exactly what i am dealing with at the moment. And it appears, that the firewall is rusty and of no good already. So I thought of the right way to work at these areas. I thought that I'll cut out the rusty areas and then will reinforce it by welding a new metal plate. Or it's better to do both sides? As I did not seem to find anything suitable locally, so what will you say about such way of fixing it?

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Hey there, a quick update on my repair. I found an all-new firewall for my Beetle online (https://www.carid.com/firewalls/ ), and already ordered it. I am sure that it will be better than anything I weld, reinforce and stuff. Plus, it's not likely to rust or corrode in the nearest future I guess...