After owning a 1953 Oval, a 55, 56 and a 57 (now having none...) and after so many years searching for a ‘54, I think I’m finally getting the one. It’s a rough, beaten up survivor, don’t know if it still can actually be saved... probably may need a new bodyshel and lots of other parts... It will be a long and slow resto for sure because I’m restoring two other fifty’s cars, but at least I have to give it a try!

Going to close the deal next week, wish me luck!

Aiming for the 2023 1000 Miglia!…

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Pretty rough car then? Post pictures when you can.

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A couple of years have gone by... but I will soon start this build. Only got to save the chassis tho because the body was completely gone...

I will start a thread in the build section as soon as I get some pictures.
Aiming for the 2023 1000 Miglia!…
Follow this link of the
New topic for this build 
Aiming for the 2023 1000 Miglia!…