Richard Gatrill
Hi Guys,

After finding my dad's armstrong siddeley purely from his memory of the number plate, I wondered if I could see if my old first car was still about?

It was bought as an 18 year old car for me in 1972 when I passed my driving test. (same age as me). I kept it long after I stopped using it and eventually sold it to an enthusiast for £150 as a non runner with some rust issues - not a problem for him as he already had a similar Oval rear window model.

I still have the rear number plate (as it had fallen off) and the Registration Number was lost when you had to re-register to keep it registered (can't remember the exact procedure)-( I think when log books changed?)-( may even still have the log book somewhere)

Anyone having any info regarding the car or it's history or needing any info I can help with - great get in touch.

Thanks Richard.

PS the dash board had been altered and later Bumpers and bonnet fitted (as it was not a classic car in those days)

PPS. original Google search with DVLA showed SUW95 still registered but 1955 model (red I think)

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Richard Gatrill
Ok Guys - found the car last night .

Up for sale in Dorset . £27.500. looks fantastic. great to see it again. Just so glad i saved a scrap car and eventually sold it to an enthusiast.

The story continues and the car lives on. Great.

At least I still have the original rear number plate and memories .

Cheers Richard
That must be one mint oval for that kind of money!....
Have you passed any of your memories on to the new owner?
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