Hi, I'm pretty new to this, but am the proud owner of a 66 beetle, albeit with 12v and 1600 engine conversions. And there may be the problem. My wiper doesn't currently work, and contrary to any wiring diagrams i've seen, there are only 2 leads from the original dash switch to the motor which has a choice of 4 terminals. I've had the motor out, and got it working on terminals 1 & 4, but as soon as i reinstall it in the car, it blows it's fuse. Can anyone help?

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You're right, it should have four wires, even on a single speed 6 volt system.

From to fuse---->----54 on switch------->-----54 on motor
54d on switch------->-----54d on motor
31b on switch------->-----31b on motor
31 goes to earth from both the switch and motor

wiring diagram 
Thanks for that. I'll take the switch out and make sure there isn't another terminal or 2 hiding away somewhere! At least I know where they should be going, and that my switch might be faulty.