.....that was sold to UK in the middle or late 90:s.

The car was bougt in a place called Pajala in the nothern part of Sweden, and shipped to UK.

It was a bus just like this one (not in this condition of course, and right hand steering) 

I asked my brother for the e-mail adress to the guy that bougt the's a long time since i got that e-mail adress...but i think it was somethink like or somethink like that.
I have tried to send a message to that adress a couple of times but it seems to be inactivated.

Then today i started thinking about the bus again and did a search for "pre67 VW" on GOOGLE....and this site came up!

Does anybody on this forum recognize the car that im talking about?

The reason that im trying to find the owner of car is that it would be really interesting to se some pictures on how it looks today...if it's shiny and new or if it is i a million pieces in a garage somewhere. 😃

So...if anybody knows anything about this car....please send me a message....



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Have you tried the UK Split Screen Van Club?
They have a forum on their website:

SSVC website 

They will probably know most Sambas in the UK.

Good Luck 😃
How would you recognise it if you saw it?

Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
Ricky James  has a pretty comprehensive list of UK sambas on his site
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
I would probably NOT recognize it now if i saw it, my guess is that it is pretty good condition now.

When we sold it it was painted with bees, raindeers and all kinds of weird things :shock:

I think the Swedish license number was CEB xxx (dont remember the numers)

Do you remember what year it was? And was it a Samba?
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
I think it was a 1962 model.....

And i dont know what a "Samba" is.. :?:

I was a bus like this one (se link below) 

Same colour, as many windows as this one, sunroof.....everything the same.

It was also righthand it was perfect for UK :wink:


And i dont know what a "Samba" is..

'Samba' refers to model with the sunroof and the windows in the roof, either 21 window or 23 window which has extra windows in the rear corners. 😃
I found a picture of the bus on the internet.....
A local Rockband from Pajala had a photografh of it on their webpage.

My dad sold the bus when i was like 12-13 years old, a bunch of guys bought it and went on a "Europe trip" in it, they went to Germany and some other countries.

Then it was not in use for many many years, until the gut who owned it asked my brother if he was interested in it....and he was. So my brother brought it back to my mothers place and there it was for some more years...and the this guy from UK showed up.

The bus had som strange paintings of Beez, Raindeers and other stuff on it....but someone seems to have removed them from the picture (looks like a Photoshop job).

LaRzOn attached the following image(s):
Talked to my brother today....he remembered that the guys name was "Grayham" and that he lived i Wales
I found the guy who bought the bus...he contacted me yesterday.

This is a picture of it.... 

He had it for a couple of years and the he had to sell it...needed money for his house (rebuilding i guess).

This is his website 

It was unregistered when he sold it.......and dont have the name and adress to the buyer (some guy i essex)

So i guess the trace ends here...... :cry:
Rich Oakley
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