We have just had our 64 back after a body off resto and to cut the cost we removed all of the trim etcetc before it went, but did not have time (or forgot) to remove the door panels before it went and were left in place for the whole job.

There has been some over spay which has dotted its self all over the door panels (it is only primer and or sealer as I haven't top coated it yet)

Can anyone recommend the best way to remove this and give them a good clean as well - we did not just want to get the old white spirit out if it is going to wreck them as they are in mint cond (other than overspray)

Thanks 😃

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:?: Wow, that is a problem. I sure wish that I had an answer for you but unfortunately I do not. Hopefully there is someone out there that will have the solution to this problem just in case that the rest of us encounter it at a later date.

I'm going to watch for the solution as well.
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We've almost got all of the paint off,
used a kitchen sponge with scourer on the back, washing up liquid and warm water, and lots of elbow grease!
and a nail brush to get in between the groves. 😃
if ever theres a next time, we'll take the panels off! :lol:
Wow, sounds like to got lucky there. My thoughts were that maybe the paint could have bonded with the door panels. Good old ELBOW grease works miracles.

Thanks for passing that info on.
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we did try white spirit on a small area, but it didn't really shift it any better than scrubbing it,
any ideas what to use to stick the corners of the vinyl back to the card with? the rest of the vinyl is still stuck well, so we thought we'd do the job properly whilst they're off the car! :?
I'm not sure if you have access to this where you live but one way of getting the material back onto the board is with an electric staple gun, using very short staples that will not go completely through the board.

Another method that I have also used is to tape them back into position, using three inch tape. This works rather well for the season but will eventually come loose again under extreme heat.

Yet another method would be to find some spray glue that is rated for high temperatures.

These are strickly ideas for you to consider.
Enjoy life to the fullest - in a VINTAGE VW
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