18 years ago
Hi, I have just joined the forum. I own a 1965 VW type 1. It is all original, even the carpets, and still has the 6 Volt system. I am moving back to the UK shortly and I was wondering what would be the cost and hassles involved in taking my car with me. I have seen Australian VWs advertised on some UK websites so there must be an importing industry for classic VWs. What would be the appx. value of the car in the UK?

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18 years ago
you could always let a fellow aussie have it and get yourself something better in Europe!!!!! :)
but seriously wouldn't you be able to get a much nicer ,even more collectable beetle in Germany or in Europe some where?
But if you are keen to take you beetle with you it is fairly cheap to get it there but dont no much about taxes and stuff.
I guy from London shipped over a late model Cooper S to Adelaide for stuff all ,so I guess it would be the same to ship from Oz to UK
Dak Dak Dak
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18 years ago
You can prove you are the owner of the vehicle,right?

Then no worries really.

You,ll have to get the car thru the UK MOT test,for safety,change the speedo reading,either with a sticky label or buy a new speedo.
You,ll lose the aussie reg number and get,what we call,an age related number.
just get it here and log on to

Or do a Google search for DVLA.


Sell yours and buy my show winner,when you get here :)

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