I've mentioned this problem on another thread but I thought I might be lucky in this section, especially with our American readers.
My 1959 Standard unfortunately doesn't have the correct upholstery on
the seats. I do however have the original seat covers
but they are too damaged to re-use.
I have contacted a car upholstery specialist here in
the UK who told me that there is a company in the US
where you can send off an original piece of fabric and
they can either match it or re-manufacture it.
Apparently this source has been used by several VW
owners. Would anyone here have heard of such a place? Or any
other similar for that matter?
I have tried Himmelservice (Ingrid Opperman) in
Germany but they don't do exactly the same cloth
Any suggestions welcome... :roll:

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I assume you have seen the classified ad from 1302kafer on here for 50/51 fabric. May be worth dropping him a line to see if he has a source for later fabrics?
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