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15 years ago
I have a friend who has offered me a 1200cc 6 volt motor with what he has described a empi big bore kit that he had fitted in the motor in the 70's. I have read somewhere this is also very similar to the okrasa set up of the do you tell?

It is still running an original carb, and no external oil cooler, no difference on the dizzy either ie. centrifical advance rather than vaccum....

Would it be safe in saying he might have part of a okrasa kit, or empi as he terms it or do they only come in a fully furnished kit in its day? ie. dual port heads, and carb setup... :lol:

I think he managed to take the setup out of another motor, and has had this put into this motor many years ago...he cannot quite remember...

If anyone has some information or help on this particular abovementioned querie, this would be most appreciated...cheers


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15 years ago

The Okrasa kits were sold by empi, but they were all dual carb set ups. If its still a single carb then its not an Okrasa. Can you get a photo of it?


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Andy Sparks
15 years ago
I believe he probably has the big bore barrel and piston kit on the car if it is still running the original carb set up.

Okrasa kit has a twin port head, and twin carbs. Some kits have a long throw crank as well.

I have an Okrasa that i am running these barrels and pistons on with the crank, and it will give me 1485cc instead of around 1300cc.

Here is some pictures of a Okrasa set ups.



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