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hello could some one tell me why my oil light on my 64 beetle keeps coming on. there is plenty of oil in the engine.. and if you take the cable off the oil plug it still stays on........... we have recently converted to 12v i dont no if that might not help the problem but im well stuck many thanks
paul :?

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😮 In simple electrical terms if the light comes on and the wire is not even connected to the switch then there must be a short circuit. I can only suggest checking the circuit right from the bulb, it could be shorting at any terminal block or even the wire could be worn allowing the positive and negative wire inners to touch or earth else where. 12v should make no difference.
hi mate,, sounds stupid but i had the same problem and found it was the wiring at the back of the speedo which was wrong way round .. problem solved .. new regulator fitted lights off.... :lol:
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