15 years ago
Hi guys, Im going to get my beetle converted from 6v to 12v shortly and wondered if you could help me out as to what bits i will need/need to be changed. Thanks

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15 years ago
Hi Surfheadz

What engine are you running?
If it's a 30hp engine you'll need to get a porsche 12 volt generator.
30hp cast stands are smaller!
If not get a 12v dynamo (probably a new generator stand)
Change all the lightbulbs, change the coil,
If you have a later carb with autochoke you'll need to change
the heater(choke) element and the fuel cut off switc
You'll need a voltage dropper for the windscreen wipers,
If you have semaphores you'll need a droppper for these too,
Replace headlight and indicator relays.

You'll probably get away with the horn.
As for the starter i've run a bus 12 volts for 7 years using a 6volt starter and solenoid without any probs so far

15 years ago
Regulator, battery, Indicator flasher, headlight relay and dash lights too! :wink:
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