Hi all, New to the site so hello everyone!!!

We are currently working on a December 1952 Zwitter and could do with some information regarding the engine and what it should be fitted with!!! The engine number on the front of the stand is 131-303009 and on the side of the stand is 1152590 and initialed KD, Which i guess is from a rebuild? So to my knowledge its a 25hp/30hp and should have a 28PCI carb on ? Its fitted with a 28VFIS which i thought was for industrial motors as its a downdraft carb with no accelerator pump for running at constant rpm etc.

So does anyone know where we could find a good preferably new (rebuilt) 28PCI carb? I've found that machine 7 are selling these but with a 6 week turnaround time which is unfortunately too long for our customer.

Any information would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance
Stu @ absolutevw

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