Hey im new to the forum, iv got a 1955 RHD standard oval in jupiter grey with cable brakes and a crash gearbox.

Took it to Bugjam 22, it became very clear from popular opinion that the car is much rarer than i had originally realised, is this correct? has anyone got any ideas how many there are likely to be. I know that 278,592 T1s arrived in 1955, but the haynes manual states that so few RHD standards made it out of Germany at the time that they're not even covered!

Cheers guys


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Hi, welcome to the forum.

Not many produced in RHD and not many left!

I have a '58 RHD UK Standard in Jupiter grey which is one of 3 small window RHD standards know to have survived. (Not including a roof-chopped one with a split dash!)

One figure published in a magazine suggested around 10 ovals and 10 small windows were produced for the UK, but probably more.

I'm sure Nicholas will be along soon with a figure for known RHD standard ovals, as his master-mind subject is standards!

Do you have any pictures?

Nicholas and I have been talking about starting work on a Standards section on pre67vw including a registry of known standards.


Too right Malcolm! Now Adam, you do have a very rare car. I can't think of an exact figure without looking at my photo album but I would guess that there are no more than 10 surviving British cars, like Malcolm says.
There are a few RHD Standards that were made for the Irish and South African markets and these are scarse too. Have you got any photos ?
Is it in need of restoration? If so, I can advise you on all correct period details and specifications for your car to look like it did when it left the factory...
Malcolm we DO need to start work on our project real soon!:d
Awesome, had not realised how rare it was particularly in comparison to the deluxe! Thank you for the information, will post some pictures up later on tonight, do i have to set up an account and post a link or can i paste on here?

You can add them here 😎
Rob Amos
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Here is my standard oval, restored a few years ago, in original colour jupiter grey.


Wow, this is an absolute stunner...Can't wait to see it one day at a show! Are you coming to Hessisch Oldendorf next June?
Does it have its original interior? When and where did you get it? Any history? Being a picky 'anorak', there's just a couple of details
I would change to make it totally correct Standard-wise but you might not want to touch it seeing that it's so nice as it is...:d
Hadn't even considered Hessisch Oldendorf, will look it up. Yes full original interior, seats not even ripped! will post picks of the interior later on. There are a few things that need editing, have sourced an original standard rear view mirror for it, as apparently it was stolen out of the car at Peppercorn last year! The car has been restored but clearly they couldnt find/afford an Oval bonnet, i believe the bonnet is off a mid sixties bug, is wider and has been set forward as to not fowl the body. Bumpers, im not too fussed with in chrome at the mo, would like to get the white line painted down the side as it should be though. Again the wings aren't original, i believe it should only have one horn grille, has got the original headlight units which is pleasing. Soon to remove the unoriginal arch stone trim as its not to my taste as much as its not original. Other than screen wash the car is straight and decent, thank you for the nice comments.

I bought her two weeks ago, from a guy in Sullihull, he had owned it for 14 years and had it stored, he said he took it for a run now and then, and sent it away to be maintained/restored. Wasn't driven at all in the last 2 years hence why he decided to part with it.

I would be really interested to know what you thought its value was?

Amazing find...a secretly hidden car unknown to most then! Your chromed parts are absolutely correct for a British (ie Export) Standard model: hubcaps, bumpers, front and rear hood handles and door handles must be chromed too.
My only comments would be no stone guards as you mentioned, certainly no trim on the edge of the running boards and you should only have one polished metal (not painted as in Germany) front horn grille on front passenger-side fender. The white waistline is an optional add-on and I am still to this day not sure if it was automatically painted on originally. Of course, I am sure you'll replace the two front missing bumper overriders.
If you want to be 100% accurate, then the wheel colour schem should be: outer rim in L225 Jupiter Grey, inner rim in L87 Pearl White and black VW logos painted on your chrome hubcaps.
Value-wise, it's difficult to say...Even though Standards are by far rarer than Deluxe models in general, having a RHD makes it even more special. The problem is that most people don't understand this so as far as the market goes, it will probably be priced as any good RHD Deluxe Oval would be. The market and trends in price certainly don't reflect or highlight the actual rarity of some models. It's more about what's mostly in demand, so since a lot of people haven't got the Standard thing yet, I wouldn't expect huge excitement. Show them any old deluxe split of which there'll be dozens at a vintage show and they'll appreciate them more because ii's 'older'. I certainly don't always go by the motto 'older is better and rarer' but then again, I upset quite a few people with my theory so maybe I should keep quiet... Anyway, yes, your car is rare and the most important thing is that you know this, regardless of trends and fashion. A very very good purchase, well done!:d
Heres the interior pics so far, other than screenwash button on the right, interior is in good condition, unsure about the origins of the ivory knobs that have appeared over the years, over-riders were put on straight away to match the rear, had some in stock 🙂 You can see the original dealership crest logo on the centre of the dash.

Very nice interiror, I love the dash sticker. Just one thing, does the vinyl of the door panels match that of the seats? It's just that I've never seen that sort of dark vinyl on RHD Standards before. Would be interesting to check what's inside the other RHD Standards. I thought you would have a cloth interior like the one on the photo. I always assumed a light bluey grey vinyl was for the post-57 square window Standards. Yet another grey area...!:shock:
48REME attached the following image(s):
Yeh the doors match and have aged fine, infact make the doors look simple and smart actally, was quite surprised. I had assumed the vinyl easy clean (unluxurious) surface was quite suiting for a standard model car, hadnt questioned it! i agree would be really nice to compare it to another one.
what is the decal you have on your glove box door? It seems to be like a reminder of the traffic indications?... I do have one on my belgian '53 Standard windshield. Unfortunately, almost impossible to find a new one... :cry:
Wow!, that looks awesome! - very very nice man! That's how I like to see ovals - original as possible -especially on the outside. Cool three spoke steering wheel too.8)
Oval Window Bugs are the best Volkswagens!!
Unfortunately, I think it's been lowered now. Oh well, there goes yet another one.
You can call me Al.
Is this a 55 build, 56 year model?? It hasn't got the ribbed doors, straight gearstick, single muffler, heat lights that usually indicate a 55 year model. (But I know bugger all about standards)
56 + 58 Bug

If I remember correctly from when I looked at the car with a view to buying it, it was first registered in the UK in October 1955. But yes, its a 1956 model year car.
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