I've been playing around with a search engine script for a while now and decided to build a dedicated VW search engine.

VW Search UK 

all welcome to test drive it and offer comments & or suggestions.

thanks in advance

pete 😎

Surf Art & VW photos 

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I like the colours and design a lot, it has a nice classic tidy look :d

BUT for me, and something I guess you cannot change anyway, but I absolutely HATE the word 'DUB' It does not mean anything vw related. I know it gets used but it is slang really.

2. another list just for FORUMS instead of being just mixed in. At the moment some big forums are way below very small non important links.

3. Make the titles/clubs etc all BOLD or change the text/size, so they stand out better, it is a bit of a text blur for me.

4. a BIG ONE, Make the pages longer, I clicked 'beetle' and had to click 5 pages before I found anything interesting to click.

5. There seem to be lots of vzi associated links on every vehicle type first page? which are no interest for me. Not everyone likes/uses vzi. If you make a separate list for FORUMS, put it at the top instead if you prefer, but just once on the site, not everywhere! Its almost like spam and stops me bothering to look too hard for anything else.

6. If possible, some time in future make all the links alphabetical or some type of organisation, they appear to be just muddled or just listed as they have been submitted.

Overall really nice though, I built our site and it is very amateur, my first. But personally I would never have found yours as I dont search for 'dub' on the net.

Take a look at Ploons site, not especially beautiful but it has been going very successfully for years now and is a place most people have visited repeatedly over the years for links/show info:

Ploons site 
"it'll wreck the patina you haven't worked so hard to create" - 50Karmann
BUT I like your photography site a LOT! Your photos are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! :shock: :d :beer: :beer: 
"it'll wreck the patina you haven't worked so hard to create" - 50Karmann
Thanks mrsherbie / Pim

for all the tips, I do need to put a lot more work into it, the project will be a constant work in progress for a long time to come I hope.

It has about 1500 sites in it so far just a matter of setting rules for rankings that puts the gold on top.

I think your site looks great. I can see why you get lots of return visitors.

And thanks for having a look at my site, I think I'm more a Photographer then a web guy, but I do enjoy the challange and learning new stuff with the web.


Surf Art & VW photos 
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