14 years ago
I have recently received my Beetles Birth Certificate from VW. I was delighted to find out the engine is original. The car was born 3/03/1960 and came into England at Ramsgate. There are a few queries I wondered if someone may be able to shed some light on? These relate to the options section:

M 020 MPH speedo - that make sense!
M 042 Complies with British market - Good!
M 094 Lockable rear flap handle - To stop people messing!
M 108 Custom Model - ??? I promise it isn't lowered! What does this option mean?
M 134 Upholstery leatherette Ice Blue - looks nice!
M 008 cannot be identified!! - Any clues out there?

Any thoughts on M 108 and M 008 wuold be welcomed!
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14 years ago
Hi, There's a link here which takes you to a list of Type 1 M codes. M108 states Custom Model with front torsion bar suspension but obviously that wasn't an option! The birth certificate for my 1955 oval has the same M008 and M108 as 'unidentified'. 
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14 years ago
Thanks for the link. Really pleased that I have got front suspension:lol:

The table made for interesting reading. I guess some of the meanings to the codes will always be a mystery!
Rich Oakley
14 years ago
It's never been clear what M008 is, but having owned about two million early RHD Beetles, they have all had this M code on the birth certificate. I can only come to the conclusion that it was the factory's internal order code for RHD. This would mean that RHD parts such as pedal cluster, front rubber mats, drop arm, mirror and door panels would be allocated for this car.
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14 years ago
Got my birth certificate back today, it also has M 042 but says 'cannot be identified'. The car was destined for Sweden - so I assume M 042 doesn't actually mean 'Complies with British market'. On the Samba, M 042 is listed as 'Complies with Belgian market regulations' which also doesn't sound relevant to Sweden. Could it actually mean 'Complies with destination country regulations'? Seems odd to have that listed as an option though!

Rob Amos
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14 years ago
my bug,also from sweden has m042 cannot be identified???

i assumed it was just engine no as i hadnt given them that detail?
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