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13 years ago

I recall one time seeing a sedan with VW style :?: wheels in a Salvage Yard.
I wish I had known what it was at the time. :?: :?:

I just remember thinking it was kind of ugly. Now that I have seen some of them
actually restored though, it could look good. Unfortunately, I don't have any
idea what the name of the business was or even where I would have to go to find
it again. The big Lawrence chrome trim seems familiar. I don't rember the dash
looking quite like a ghia, so it may have been a Beeskow instead. I need to try
and find the place and see if it is still in business or if the cars have been
crushed in the last couple of years.

It was pretty sad looking, but I would have bought it if I had known what I know
now... 😛 :beer: :d


Nov. 1947 +
Febr 1949 shell
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13 years ago
How long ago was that mike?
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