Like most of the viewers here know that Hebmuller and sons made a copy of the Radclyff roadster with the pushing hand of Herr SCHULTZ, VW Dealer.
After the bancrupt of Hebmuller, aproximatly 14 other cars were built, assembled or finshed by Karmann.....

Now 1 car is for sure made in an other place:shock: and looks the same as all other built Type 14a. It was made at MAHAG in Munich. The cas was seen on the latest Hebmuller world record gathering in 2009 in Hessisch. The paperwork of that car was original and the constructor VW was radiated and replaced with MAHAG, The Type plate where normaly VW type plate is , was replaced by a MAHAG type plate( as a constructor) The body nr was the same as all other Hebmuller and Karmann built Type 14A.

So actualy there are 3 company's who made Type 14 a cars. Hebmuller, Karmann and MAHAG.

Now the latest news and trail I folowed was another car that was made to folow up the cars above mentioned, type 14a.

There was a blurry pict in a Volksworld from the past where you can see the car. If I find it , i will scan and post it.
It looks like a heb, but without the air scoop in the engine lid, The engine lid itself looks shorter...not like normal beetle, compared to that it is longer.
Now After looking around, searching and asking around I got the answer this year in WOLFACH meeting. I was waiting to spread the word because it was a rumor.

Now months later, the rumor becomes reality as the current owner of that car mailed me back.....promissing he will restore the car and take some picts when the car is accessible.
Now the story is like this:
AFter the end of production of the type 14a, A study was made by a coachbuilt company in Germany to see if it was hard to make a look a like so the demand for the 2 seater could be fullfilled. In 1954 an oval was used to create a simular car as the type 14 a and run a testperiod. Due to the high costs of building one, the succes of the 4 seater and the lack of interest of VW in to this car was the result that only 1 car was made.

The name of the company: BAUR.....Sounds familyar? Think BMW convertible and semi convertibles from the late 70s and 80s...

I am not saying it is also a type 14a but it was a nice try.
Credit for the info goes to Peter P. Heb owner from Germany.

I hope the car will be finished one day so we can see it on a meeting.
Best regards. Peter Schepens

The search goes on...:wink:

ZELENSIS, coachbuilt body from the 50's on a vw platform made in Belgium. Peter the heb detective

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Thats really interesting. So the Baur car was just built speculatively, to see if VW would maybe give the go ahead to produce it? Not because VW asked them to build it?

Which car is the MAHAG one? There must be pics from Hessisch?

You are a real Sherlock Holmes with this stuff!
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Hi JD; I am a real Sherlock Holmes as I do this for living...:lol:

The baur was indeed made on their own record, not influenced by VW or other sources...just to see if they could do something with it.

The MAHAG Type 14a was for sure in Hessisch.. I even think it made his first meeting there. In order to not upset the owner I will not give more details but I have seen the paperwork, the car when it was restored (bare shell) and studied the details.
I must say it was very accurate towards a Hebmuller built car. Not much details are in an other way done but there are some details different.

The car was constructed on a Newly ordered complete floorpan with all components.
How they dit it is not clear.

It is possible that some left over spare parts were used.
The proof that most of the spareparts to make a Hebmuller type 14a were made and could be ordered was the fact that in the parts manual they are listed.
So it must be for sure that some parts were ready to buy in the rather bigger dealerships like MAHAG and SCHULTZ.

A long time ago I have read somewhere in original VW documents that complete spare bodyshells were made or could be ordered like a normal sedan . Not sure it was for Karmann or for Hebmuller.
I am sure in the VW archives there is more to find. Maybe one day I'll take my holiday's there.... Not sure my wife would like that too.:roll:

Best regards Peter.
ZELENSIS, coachbuilt body from the 50's on a vw platform made in Belgium. Peter the heb detective
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This is your job?8)

So... does the MAHAG car wear a Hebmüller badge? 😳 :lol:

"John, you need to get a grip and STOP MOANING AT EVERYTHING. ThumbDown "