Hi guys, I'm new to vw's and here. I'm looking at a '56 Volkswagen bug,that on a '59 pan, and has a clean '59 title. It has your normal rust that you would find on a old bug. As for rust, the battery area is not so nice but comes with a new battery tray. It has some holes here and there about the size of a quarter, the door posts, heaters, small spot on top of a fender, lower portion of front hood. 1600 dp with extras, freeway flyer transmission, disc brakes, Porsche rims, built front beam, nice interior. Painted Flat black and he is asking $4,600.

My questions are is that a fair price (don't want to pay too much, and what issues would i have with the body and frame being different years? (not looking to restore or resale at higher price) Overall a solid car and runs good.

Thanks if you guys could help me out. This will be my first vw. Im looking for something to tinker with and drive on the weekends. And I like the older bug look.


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Hi and welcome to the site.

$4,600 equates to almost £3000 so given its overall condition together and the parts you list I think $4.6k is about right. Of course it all depends how much the seller wants to move it on so perhaps try and get it for $4k. :wink:

If you're not concerned about originality then you'll have no issues with it sitting on a 59 pan.

Hope that helps.

it all depends in what your after,there seems to be a lot of vehicles on different pans in the states and it depends whether this bothers you or not?

personally i would look for a more original car but if its your first vw then its maybe a good starting point
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