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Volkswagen Front 1933 - 1949

“Volkswagen Front” tells the realities which lie behind the birth, rise, fall and rebirth of Volkswagen: the People’s Car of Hitler who carried a nation to the war and his soldiers to the fronts.

The said book, which includes 250 photographs, is about the period between 1933, the year at which the power of Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Worker’s Party) starts, and 1949, the year at which the Volkswagen factory was turned over to Federal German Government. It is prepared by scanning approximately 60 source books, innumerable archive and museum documents, photographs, periodicals, newspapers, other related documents, correspondences and reports.

Briefly, “Volkswagen Front” is an incomparable source for the ones who are interested in early periods of Volkswagen history.

Author: Sencer Üneri

Editor: Cem Çobanlı

Proof: Seval Yener

Cover Design: Tayfun Güner


ISBN 9786051251745

16,5 x 24cm

184 pages


Black White



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