58 pearl
11 years ago
Hi the name is dominick

And I have a 58vw fully restored and I just recently did the window moldings with some cheap window rubbers from auto zone because the water would leak in but now the little door windows do not fit properly.. what can I do for them to fit better??
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11 years ago
58 pearl wrote:

with some cheap window rubbers from auto zone

Could this be the problem?
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
58 pearl
11 years ago
True but still its not so much that they don't fit its that they don't stay closed properly... I have the same problem with the door rubbers witch aren't cheap .... butt everyone says they will be braken into over time but the doors have been like that for a couple months and the doors kinda needa be shut hard
11 years ago
This might sound funny, but try opening the window a little before shutting the door when you're in the car.
It's a common problem caused by the seals making the car air-tight so, opening the window gives the air somewhere to go!


58 pearl
11 years ago
Thanxx ill try to keep it in mind:thumbup: :thumbup:
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