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11 years ago
I was just wondering what poples thourghts are on this fourm about the price of split type 2s. Been keeping an eye on them on Ebay (a lot seem to turn up)but hardly any sell. To me the prices asked are wildly optamistic. So are people dreaming that these type 2s are worth a lot ???? I know there are some ones that do sell for lots and lots but is this an exseption to the rule? Is it pople are dreaming that thay are sat on a gold mine. Or is it just fools gold???????
Like i said dont bite my head off and tell me what you think.

Andy W
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11 years ago
I think it's a combination, some buses are rare and well restored, so their prices can be justified. Then I think there's a whole load of overpriced busses, either because people bought them when the going was good - now need to sell but can't stand to sell them at a loss, or just trying to cash in hoping to sell rusty junk for a lot of money. Then again it depends what's important to you, I was seriously looking last year - the number of good original buses is thin on the ground, if you don't mind converted panel vans and homemade camping interiors or rusty junk then you have a lot of choice. I've decided that I can't afford the type of bus I'd like - a reasonably priced original driver.
Rob Amos
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11 years ago
I think you have it spot on pre67vw, i have a 65 split, not a rare model just a good honest solid bus and i love it, i think i probably paid over the odds for it but then when i looked around and for the same price i could not find anything that was half as good, they looked great at first glance then bloody awful close up. I find that pretty much every split advertisement says, it has had a full resto and everything is great, and all the ones i looked at had been recently done with cheap nasty repro parts and done in a rush just to sell for top dollar. for me if its pretty much origional and is pretty solid then thats worth more than the resto buses.

Thats just my thoughts though as i have seen some unbelievable restorations that are done right and are too die for.:smile:
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