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I have been on the VW scene for many years and I have owned a Bay, a split SC, a 66,72, 74, 2005, 2008 Beetles, Polo's, golfs and I currently have no aircooled stuff and instead have a T5 camper and a Tiguan. I am itching to own another aircooled VW and I have always said that the last aircooled VW I will own would be an Oval (pref a ragtop!!!). Thing is, I want to own one now and I know I am going to have to pay out for a decent one, but what I wante to know, was, how much do you think I should aim for? I would like one that is solid, but needs tidying up ie; interior and paint poss brightwork? Just wan to know where to start really. Thanks in advance for this.
1966 Barbra Anne

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Do you mind it being LHD or are you after a UK car? LHD means that you have a better chance of getting a solid but tatty one.
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Jon's oval was from the USA, totally rust-free and very original. LHD of course.
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Hi guys, thanks for the replies! I am ok with a left hooker as my 66 bug and my 65 splitty was. More tips the better please x
1966 Barbra Anne

A 56 (advertised as a 55) is presently up for auction on ebay with 6 days to go. It looks quite nice but will need a repaint.

I bought a Strato silver 56 with a Golde ragtop 2 weeks ago from a chap in Scotland (see attachment). I paid £6k although I think I was very lucky to get it for that price but they are out there.
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