The Administrator, moderators and our members expect a certain level of respect by keeping postings friendly and on topic.

When posting, please keep the following guidelines in mind:
No flaming.
No profanity.
No political posts.
No religious posts.
No racial posts.
No pornography.
No hijacking of a thread. Start a new one.
No disrespectful comments to other members.

Stay on topic – All posts should have relevance to the original context of the thread.

Treat fellow members with respect. Posts including demeaning or disrespectful comments may result in your account being suspended. The Administrator, as well as the moderators, are not here to play referee. If you have a problem with a fellow member online, please report the offending post and do not continue the argument on the forum, other members of do not wish to be dragged into your personal arguments.


You are welcome to choose any screen name that is available, but you are also strongly encouraged to use your real name somewhere as well - this can be in your profile or in your signature. You are also encouraged to sign off your posts with at least your first name, so that other people can reply to a person and not a screen name.

If you are concerned about privacy and wish to remain anonymous then please be on your best behaviour, any anonymous accounts seen to be posting anything antagonistic will be suspended.

New members will have a 'read-only' status until approved by the Administrator, if your screen name or email address don't include anything to indicate that you are a genuine user then don't expect this to change, in this case you may contact directly to ask to be approved.


The Administrator sets the rules as necessary.

All posts are subject to moderation by the Moderators. Moderators can delete questionable posts or through private message (PM) ask the poster to delete or revise the questionable post.

For any questions or grievances contact the Administrator.

Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW

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