10 years ago

We've been restoring a 56 Oval for at least 2 years now and are hoping to get it all back together for the Summer.

We would like to use stainless bolts and are struggling to find all of them. We are looking for:
- Front axle to framehead - 12mm x 1.5mm pitch x 90mm long
- Front top shocker - 12mm x 1.5mm pitch x 65mm long

We have tried all major suppliers on the internet...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


Kirsty & Stu

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10 years ago
I seem to remember Karmann Konnection producing some of the tapered shock bolts.
They are hard to find even standard.
10 years ago
I managed to get a pair of tapered front shock bolts for my Oval from Custom and Commercial. They come in at just under £10 each, and they fit perfectly.
For what it's worth, I think it's much safer in the long run to replace any old bolts, they might look okay, but they'll have been under stress and strain for many years.

Hope this helps!

10 years ago
I'm no engineer, but I have heard that stainless bolts have lower shearing tolerances so are fine for things like floorpan bolts, but not good for things like shock bolts or suspension parts.

KK do the tapered shock bolts, I believe they have them made so it might be worth asking them - I think they're high tensile.

Or you could try VolksBolts 
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
10 years ago
Actually, just found this on the VolksBolts website:


Where Should I NOT Use A2-70 Stainless Steel Bolts ?

A2-70 Should Not Be Used In Heavily Loaded Mechanical Or Structural Areas.

Areas Of Direct Loading On The Suspension.
Areas Of Direct Loading On The Steering Column And Linkages.
Active Engine Componets (Con-Rods, Crank Shaft, Clutch, Transmission & Power Off-Takes)
Active Gearbox And Power-Train Components.

Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
10 years ago
Robs right,there's no way i'd use SS bolts for mounting shock absorbers.
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