Afternoon all,

I am not sure of the best place for this topic, so correct me please if you know where it should go. Don't worry this isn't yet another thread about whether they can fit on a bug.

I have a standard Oval and I'm planning to turn it into a historic race car style oldspeed bug with a hot 1776 motor. My intention is to take it to track days in the future and maybe gentleman racing if budget allows for it.

Forget price and I know the WILL fit all I want to know is are they any good?

I see many hot motor bugs many over 2 litres with 356 brakes, can these guys stop? I currently have cable brakes and drive the car as fast as possible, everyone says they're cable brakes are rubbish but you'd be surprised what you can get out of period equipment when they are set up right and you plan ahead!

All examples and recommendations welcome. I want the car to look as period as possibe so 356 drums are perfect, I just don't want to regret not buying discs based on performance.

Cheers All.

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Probably the best person to ask on here is 356boy (Matt).You could PM him.He and his friends are very much into the vintage speed scene. 
Perfect response, thank you very much indeed, i will do. I posted the same thing on thesamba and have just had a lot of sweeping comments saying drums for racing are rubbish. Not helpful. I have since pointed out that every racing car pre 1955 raced hard and fast on drums!

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There is some one running a fast bug on You Tube i think Just Campers fund it. If i remember its Quick for what she is and i don't think there was a lot of money put in to it. Will have a look and see what i can come up with. Ps you need to talk to people that Do/Done it. Lots of armchair fanatics about.

Andy W
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Put in Just Campers race car and you will find it all. Its a 65 1300cc he is running Who need a big engine :omg:

Andy W

Thanks for the mention of the racing bug via justkampers. I've actually met that gent and chatted to him about it. He seems to be doing very well indeed, lot's of hard work. He is running discs on that bug with radars I believe.
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I have some 356C Discs and stub axles that are a(n alleged!) "bolt on" for the front of a link pin Beetle. The rear discs are also possible to fit, though ntatually you'll end up with Porsche 5x130mm PCD. They are certainly period correct parts though and I'd bet they work a lot better than the B drums.
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