Old Blue
Seen this on the Samba. How feasible would it be to return to stock I wonder.
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This is from the build thread:

this car is/ was a POS all scabbed together in someone's backyard..Not what I was hoping for. So welded some cracks and what not, used filler to hide their crappy work and am just gonna clean it up and put it back together to enjoy.

It should be pretty easy though in theory, raise the back back up and put a front beam on it with 16" wheels all round and you'll be there. Use a later front beam to get it back on the road at the proper height while you search for a proper early beam (unless the original comes with the car).

Rob Amos
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More background info

Not seen out in the UK in those last 4 years?
Interesting to see that this car is for sale again but here in the UK.

Bits welded in here, there and everywhere much like Rattletrap. But just as is the case with Rattletrap it is essentially the same car.:wink:

I think that the last 4 years have made it an even more attractive proposition. Lets hope it stays in the UK.
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