Hi folks

I have a 57 oval. It is immaculate but has had the original engine removed at some point and replaced with a 1600 twin port (i think)

I would like to put it back to original spec.

I no where there is an almost complete 30hp unit 3hrs from me.

Can anyone recommend a reputable specialist within an hour or so of Northampton to either supply and fit me and engine or help recondition the one i know of ??

Also my car has been converted to 12v. Not sure if this makes a huge diference. I know i cannot use and original dynamo.

Any help would be great


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Hi Gareth , it makes a difference as you will need to get a 12 volt generator(dynamo) that is 6 volt sized. What I'm saying is that the 12 volt is normally larger in size than the 6 volt. There are cars that were issued for doctors etc that had 12 volt dynamos which were the same physical size as a 6 volt and will fit the generator stand that is pre cast in the engine that would have came in your oval. All 25 bhp and 36 hp engines have the generator stand cast as part of the engine case. It is possible to do it but the search for a 12 volt generator in 6 volt generator size will be a long and probably expensive route. Probably easier to convert the car back to 6 volt.
Yes maybe the 6v option is the way to go ....
Yes convert it back to 6 volts. It should be a fairly easy fix depending on how extensive the change to 12 volt has been. It may still be using the 6 volt starter (if the engine turns over fast) and the original wiper motor may still be in use with some form of voltage dropper in the circuit. You'll certainly need a new battery and set of bulbs.
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and a 6 Volt coil. :d Ps the 6 volt size generators that have 12 volt innards are available in the states Look for the Porsche 356 people.

Andy W
Originally Posted by: AW 

and a 6 Volt coil. :d Ps the 6 volt size generators that have 12 volt innards are available in the states Look for the Porsche 356 people.

Andy W

Good point!:d
I think 6v is the way to go

Can anyone recommend a good engine guy ?
I hate recommending people but I would recommend Graham at Rawspeed in Plymouth he is a great VW engine guy, very good honest and top work. He can build up full motor and set up on a test rig and get delivered to you ready to put in and use, he has just rebuilt my 25hp motor for my 51.

Also I have a running complete long block which if you buy from me I can drop off to him.

Just a suggestion 😎
Great thanks for the recommendation Ian

Whats the low down on your engine you have ??

Is it a 30hp for a 57 ?

Is it complete or just the block ?

How much ?

etc etc etc


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