Spent Saturday at the Chateau Impney Hill Climb, very nice event full of old historic cars - Bentleys, land speed record cars, all sorts. Not a huge number of VWs, just one Beetle belonging to Ian Clark of Wolfsburg Performance Services and the 'Okrasa Special' belonging to Steve Wright. If you're into historic racing/race cars, I highly recommend the event.

64763983_10217221994935333_4983005405958373376_o.jpg 66662901_10217221996255366_8388444241486938112_o.jpg 66692584_10217221980374969_1425636010754048000_o.jpg 66439311_10217222012975784_4427844319893782528_o.jpg 66680350_10217221973454796_5305697714929926144_o.jpg 66784861_10217221971174739_6581914119853572096_o.jpg 66518798_10217221971574749_291168735077597184_o.jpg 66105899_10217222009655701_7936819810313175040_o.jpg

Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW

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Old friends of mine were at the Chateau Impney Hill Climb this weekend Rob...seeing them for lunch tomorrow. They are Marcos people and Roger has been racing his newly restored Mallock. Not sure if they were racing the Marcos or Mallock. Thanks for the pictures...looks a great event and nice to see Steve Wright's Special in action. 🙂