Hi all,
55 Oval owner here, thinking of adding to my collection with a nice split screen van!

Question is, how much would you all say is reasonable to pay for an early RHD Split, 1958-ish, semaphores etc... Very tatty all round and in need of full restoration, but not too much welding to do as has lived most of its life in a warm salt free climate??

Does £4,000 sound about right? because of the rarity, or is that too much?? (bearing in mind, I'll probably spend at least the same again on it!)

Paul N :?:

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Hi,Paul,Firstly are you talking about a splitscreen panelvan or splitscreen 11,13,15,21 or 23 window samba.nomally the more wondows the dearer the restoration,as they usually need new rubbers all round and if not complete may need new glass,and nothing comes cheap with splitties.And with campers maybe new interior.I think £4000 is a average price for a resto but it depends what original bits it comes with.Even if it is complete and you can do most of the work youself you could easily spend another £10,000 or more to complete the resto. Take your time and have a good look around,go onto the splitscreen van club website and forum, in the for sale section and it will give you a good idea what you want. I am sure you will not be dissapointed with whatever you buy,they are all great to drive.
I bought my ex California 62 crewcab 2 years ago for resto very clean and straight for £5,000 for resto and have spent another £9,000 on getting it finished, and thats just got 9 windows. hope this helps a bit, and good luck. Dave :lol: 
Greetings Paul,

You have just received some really good advice from someone that has some excellent experience on the subject. Use that advice to your advantage.

Dave's 1962 CrewCab has been featured in Ultra VW Trends magazine there in the UK and is also CURRENTLY being featured in VW Trends magazine here in the States.

Knowledge is power,
Enjoy life to the fullest - in a VINTAGE VW
Thanks Guys,
It's an 11 window, I particularly want as early as poss, as like with the beetle, I feel the purest form of the design was early, all the small improvements made as time went by, although improving functionality at the time, also spoil the "purity" and styling of the original concept (Just my opinion!)

Whats the website address for the owners club??


Thinking about it, it has 13 windows, including the cab quarter lights!
Just put this in Paul  i can never link it to this site.and by the way that would be classed only as eleven window,as they dont count the quater lights,and the seperate sliding windows. :lol:

Here is a direct link that Dave was telling you about. (Gotcha covered Dave.) 

This is just in case that anyone else would like to get there directly from here.

Larry 🙂 🙂
Enjoy life to the fullest - in a VINTAGE VW
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